The Measure of Mental Health Vital Signs

Y-OQ® 30

Do you want to reduce your administration time?

The Y-OQ® 30.2 can be your answer

The Y-OQ® 30.2 is a briefer and combined version of the Y-OQ® 2.01and the Y-OQ® SR 2.0. This tool is strongly recommended for practices that want to establish a baseline and track change but who want to decrease the administration and scoring time. Researchers and small practices may want to select Y-OQ® 2.01 or the Y-OQ® 2.0 SR.

Available with a Paper and Pencil license, the Y-OQ® 30.2 is an Omni Form. It can be administered to either the parent/guardian or adolescents (ages 12-17) capable of self reporting. 

Available with the OQ®-Analyst, the Y-OQ® 30.2 is two distinct measures, the Y-OQ® 30.2 PR (Parent Report) and the Y-OQ® 30.2 SR (Self Report) 

Outstanding features include:

Standardized data: The Y-OQ® 30.2 is a standardized instrument with empirical support.

User-friendly: The Y-OQ® 30.2 is brief to complete (less than 5 minutes) as well as to score, and is designed to be incorporated into an office visit in an unobtrusive manner.

Languages: The YOQ®-30.2 is available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Swedish.

The Y-OQ® 30.2 is available in the OQ®-Analyst or with a Paper and Pencil License.

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