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The OQ®-45.2 is our most comprehensive adult Outcome Questionnaire

Use the subscales to help with your treatment plans.

The OQ®-45.2 is a 45-item self report outcome/tracking instrument designed for repeated measurement of client progress through the course of therapy and following termination. It's a product of over two decades of research by Dr. Lambert


Risk assessment:  The OQ®-45.2 contains risk assessment items for suicide potential, substance abuse, and potential violence at work.

Standardized data:  The OQ®-45.2 is a standardized instrument with empirical support.  It is based on normative data.  

Content that assesses functional level and change over time:  The OQ®-45.2 measures functioning in 3 domains:  Symptom distress (heavily loaded for depression and anxiety), Interpersonal functioning, and Social Role.  It enables the clinician to assess functional level and change over time. 

Languages: The OQ®-45.2 is available in Arabic, Chinese, Chilean, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish.

The OQ®-45.2 may be administered and scored in a matter of minutes.

The information provided by the OQ®-45.2 Outcome Questionnaire is most meaningful when it is first administered to a patient prior to applying any therapeutic interventions.
Remember that any intervention, even an intake interview, is likely to cause client improvement; therefore, delaying administration of the OQ®-45.2 will result in an underestimation of treatment effects. 

The OQ®-45.2 was designed to take only 3-5 minutes to complete, taking the test on multiple occasions does not place any additional burden on your client. Subsequent administrations may be given weekly, or at any determined midpoint intervals, and at the conclusion of treatment.
Since routine treatment typically ends with your client leaving treatment at their convenience, data collected on an interval less often than weekly will result in loss of treatment data. Irregular administration of the OQ®-45.2 typically results in such high rates of missing data that the purposes of collecting data can be fatally compromised. While information about improvement following a specific session may be very meaningful, perhaps more important to you is your ability to see the patterns and trends exhibited by your specific clients across the course of therapy.

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  • You can easily administer it to your clients 
  • Your treatment planning is easier for you
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  • You can administer the OQ®-45.2 within a few minutes

The OQ®-45.2 is available in the The OQ®-Analyst or with a Paper and Pencil License.


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