The Measure of Mental Health Vital Signs


The OQ®-10-2 is a brief screening instrument designed to alert medical practitioners to psychological distress in their patients that may require further follow-up assessment, referral, and/or intervention. It can also be used to monitor the behavioral health of healthcare populations such as those covered by HMO's or any variety of community groups.
This measure is derived from the
OQ®-45.2, similar to the full-scale version, it represents a partnership between practitioners, and researchers to address needs in today's health care market. It is intended to serve as a psychological vital sign to identify those patients who may require mental health intervention to improve quality of life.
The Adult Outcome Questionnaire® (OQ®), its closely related child-adolescent version, the Youth Outcome Questionnaire® (Y-OQ®), and the OQ®-10 screening measure, are widely recognized as treatment outcome tracking tools made for quantifying and evaluating the progress of patients receiving psychological or psychoactive medications. These outcome measures have been widely adopted by a variety of behavioral and other health care service organizations (e.g. small clinics, large health care institutions, university counseling centers and all branches of the military) and are currently being used on five continents in 17 different languages.

The OQ-10.2 is available only with the Paper and Pencil License 

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