Dr. Burlingame at Wilderness Therapy Symposium

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obhaee-final-300x276The 2015 Wilderness Therapy Symposium is featuring Dr. Gary Burlingame as its keynote speaker on Thursday, August 27, 2015. The symposium is sponsored by the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBHC).

Dr. Burlington will present “Capturing the Client Voice to Improve Outcomes and Enhance Their Group Experience”.

Routine outcome monitoring (ROM) is a well-recognized and empirically supported practice that has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce treatment failures.  However, implementing ROM in the backcountry environment creates unique challenges.  After summarizing the research on ROM’s benefits using the Y-OQ®, Dr. Burlingame will turn to the importance of clinical integration (e.g., treatment planning and progress notes) and off-the-grid technical solutions to increase the likelihood that ROM can be a sustainable practice for Wilderness Therapy. 

Dr. Burlingame will also discuss the Group Questionnaire (GQ). The GQ is a compilation of the best therapeutic relationship items from well-known empathy, alliance, cohesion, and group climate measures.  He will show how to use the GQ in groups to alert leaders to potential problems (e.g., empathic failure, unrevealed conflict, mismatched treatment goals) and intervene with near immediate results.

Our good friends, Dr. Lee Gillis and Keith Russell will be participating in a pre-conference workshop on Current Research on Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare.

Dr. Lee Gillis is Chair of the Psychology Department at Georgia College. He is recognized as a Distinguished Researcher by the Association for Experiential Education.

Dr. Keith Russell is a Professor at Western Washington University where he is the Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation.  Dr. Russell received the 2014 National Leadership Award from NATSAP for his contributions to the field.

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