OQ®-45.2 TA

The OQ®-45.2 TA is a new measure which includes the OQ®-45.2 and 11 questions from the OQ®-ASC about the Therapeutic Alliance.

The goal of the 11 Therapeutic Alliance questions is to assess your client's perception of the relationship between you and your client.

While it may be reassuring to know that clients have very positive feelings about their relationship with you, it is more helpful in a problem-solving mode to identify ruptures in the relationship and move to repair them.

The OQ®-45.2 TA is available in English and Spanish with the OQ®-Analyst software.

A product of over two decades of research by Dr. Michael Lambert, the OQ®-45.2 is a self-report Outcome Measure designed for repeated measurement of client progress while in therapy and following termination.

The OQ®-45.2 measures three subscales:

1 Symptom Distress (depression and anxiety)

2 Interpersonal Relationships (loneliness, conflict with others and marriage and family difficulties)

3 Social Role (difficulties in the workplace, school or home duties)

You can use the subscale scores to identify and target particularly problematic areas as a focus of treatment.

Sample alert from OQ®-45 TA

"I read about OQ Measures in a professional newsletter and the OQ®-45 was mentioned as an excellent tool, reasonable in admin time, scoring and giving good information about clients who might be at risk or experiencing an increase in symptoms. I purchased the instrument, which is very reasonably and affordably priced for a small practice and have used it for the past five years. I find it to be really beneficial as a talking point with clients and to give me information that I may sometimes forget to ask on a consistent basis. Just administering the test on a regular basis seems to have an effect on clients learning to notice and track their symptoms and creates an awareness about themselves which is very beneficial for them. I highly recommend this tool."

-Beth Doyle, LPC Upper Circle Inc. Salem, Oregon

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