Do you need an instrument to factor in life stressors?

The OQ®-ASC will provide more insight into clients that are not progressing as you expected.

Sample alert from OQ®-ASC

Sample alert from OQ®-ASC

The adult Clinical Support Tool, OQ®-ASC (Assessment for Signal Clients) measures Therapeutic Alliance, Social Support, Motivation for Therapy and Life Events.

The OQ®-ASC is used in conjunction with the OQ®-45.2, OQ®-45.2 TA, OQ®-30.2, and S-OQ® 2.0 to give the clinician more information on clients that are not-on-track.

Many clients respond well to therapy, but for some, the process of understanding, change and recovery is not easy. There are many reasons why some clients respond well to therapy than others. Research suggests the following factors as particularly important in bringing about a positive outcome for patients whose positive response to therapy is in doubt:

  • the alliance between client and therapist
  • the client's degree of motivation to change
  • the client's social support network
  • stressful life events, which are among the most important.

The feedback from the OQ®-ASC allows you to make treatment decisions based on your client's progress rather than a fixed treatment protocol, theory of change or mandated policies regarding treatment length.

The OQ®-ASC is available in English, Canadian French and Spanish with the OQ®-Analyst software.

The OQ®-ASC is available with the The OQ® Analyst license.


You've been seeing Nick for several weeks. You administer the OQ®-45.2 before each session but his scores are rising and this week his clinician report has a Red alert. Before you meet with Nick this week, he completes the OQ®-ASC. It measures four subscales: Therapeutic Alliance, Social Skills, Life Events and Motivation.
You now have more information: you found that Nick thinks that you don't understand his problems and that he doesn't even want to be in treatment. With this new information, you and Nick can work together to heal the Therapeutic Alliance and help him to motivate himself for therapy.