S-OQ® 2.0

You can track your Severely Mentally Ill clients with OQ Measures' S-OQ® 2.0.

S-OQ® Critical Items

S-OQ® 2.0 Critical Items

Also known as the Severe Outcome Questionnaire, the S-OQ® 2.0 is specifically intended to be used with seriously mentally ill clients. The S-OQ® 2.0 provides you a “snapshot” measurement of distress and functioning levels at any given time and tracks changes in such levels across time. 30 questions are from the OQ® 30.2 and the 15 additional questions measure basic functioning and functional impairment.

Clinicians can measure patient's progress along several important dimensions:

  • subjective discomfort (intrapsychic functioning)
  • interpersonal relationships
  • social role performance
  • severe functional impairment

The S-OQ® 2.0 provides a marker for degree of disturbance and a way of tracking patient improvement or deterioration.

The S-OQ® 2.0 is available in English with the OQ®-Analyst software.