Do you want to know how your group is doing?

OQ-GQ Chart

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The OQ®-GQ identifies how members perceive the relationship they have with the group-as-a-whole, other members and the leader on three salient qualities of the therapeutic relationship:

1. Is there a positive affective bond present?
2. Is the client accomplishing the work for which they came to the group?
3. Is there empathic failure with the leader, conflict in the group, or potentially negative member exchanges that are not being handled well?

The OQ®-GQ highlights patterns of change in these three key quality dimensions of the therapeutic relationship in the group; e.g. are things getting better or worse?

The OQ®-GQ measures three domains:

1 Positive Bonding – is defined as the sense of belonging or attraction that a member has to the group, its members and its leader(s) that creates a positive atmosphere which allows members to feel genuinely understood and appreciated.

2 Positive Working – is defined as the ability of the group to agree upon and work toward treatment goals in an effective manner.

3 Negative Relationship – is defined as lack of trust, genuineness, and understanding as well as friction and distance that might exist between the group, its members or its leaders.

The OQ®-GQ is available in English with the OQ®-Analyst software.