Do you need a measure that will help you prepare your clients for successful group experience?

OQ-GRQ Critical and Subscales

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The OQ®-GRQ - Group Readiness Questionnaire - is a 19 item questionnaire intended to guide therapists in referring and preparing clients for group therapy.

  • High percentiles on this measure are linked to good participation, positive client outcomes, and low attrition in groups.
  • Low percentiles on this measure do not suggest that clients are not good candidates for group, but highlight areas where therapists may work to train and educate clients in preparation for group.

The following subscales provide valuable information to you.

1 Expectation: The expectation that one will benefit from participation in group therapy. 

2 Participation: Interpersonal skills, including positive (e.g., openness, likeability, and friendliness) and negative (e.g., avoid talking in groups, very private, feels like outsider in groups). 

3 Critical Items: Point to Interpersonal behavior that may be viewed negatively in a group.

4 The Total Score: This score indicates overall level of readiness for group.

The OQ®-GRQ is available in English with the OQ®-Analyst software.