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The OQ®-WRAP for active personnel and veterans.

The OQ has been used by the Military for years, beginning with Walter Reed in the mid-nineties and spreading across all branches of the armed forces. The OQ®-45.2 is currently used at approximately 150 bases, medical centers and hospitals across the world to track mental health/substance abuse distress in service personnel.

OQ-WRAP Critical Items

OQ-WRAP Critical Items

The OQ®-WRAP (Wellness and Resilience Assessment Post-deployment) was developed in conjunction with Madigan Army Hospital. It is a screening tool that alerts you that a soldier is experiencing enough psychological distress that you may want to consider additional exploration and/or interventions.

It can be used by clinicians and in some cases platoon leaders and sergeants when tasked with administering the questionnaire because they best know their soldiers on a personal level.

The OQ®-WRAP is available in English with the OQ®-Analyst software.

Col. Mark Thompson Madigan's deputy commander for clinical services stated:

The questions will probe issues such as financial stability and ask soldiers if they have had any discussions or thoughts about suicide or killing another person.

Read Madigan Army Hospital's announcement in the Army Times (PDF): "Madigan hospital expands PTSD screening", April 21, 2010.