The Y-OQ® Treatment Support Measure (TSM) is a tool designed to work in conjunction with the Y-OQ® 2.01, Y-OQ® SR 2.0, Y-OQ® 30.2.

It was designed as a treatment planning tool to assist therapists working with children, youth, and their parents or guardians and as a clinical support tool to provide therapists with actionable feedback when youth are not making expected progress in treatment.

Y-OQ® TSM results obtained at the beginning of treatment can be used to identify client strengths and weaknesses which can be used in treatment planning.

Research suggests several parent and youth factors as important in effecting positive youth treatment outcomes.


  • The parent's sense of confidence in performing various parenting tasks (parenting self-efficacy)
  • The parent's own network of supportive relationships
  • The specific parenting skills and behaviors
  • The parent's distress (including personal problems and stress related to parenting)
    TSM Parent Efficacy

    TSM Parent Efficacy


  • The alliance between the parent and the child's therapist
  • The youth's feelings of self-efficacy
  • The youth's supportive relationships with family members and friends
  • The youth's motivation to participate in treatment
  • The youth's alliance with the therapist


TSM Youth Motivation

TSM Youth Motivation

The Y-OQ® TSM is available in English with the OQ®-Analyst software.