Y-OQ® SR TA is a 64-item Measure with an additional 5 questions about the Therapeutic Alliance.

The therapeutic alliance has been defined as the quality of the helping relationship between the client and therapist. This relationship is considered to include a positive bond between the client and therapist, and agreement on therapeutic tasks and goals. In addition, specific responses to specific items can guide the therapist to consider certain aspects of the alliance that may be most problematic.

The Y-OQ® SR TA is a new measure which includes the Y-OQ® SR 2.0 and 5 questions about Therapeutic Alliance. The goal of the 5 Therapeutic Alliance questions is to assess your client's perception of the relationship between you and your client.

While it may be reassuring to know that clients have very positive feelings about their relationship with you, it is more helpful in a problem-solving mode to identify ruptures in the relationship and move to repair them.


You've been working with Alicia and her parents for several weeks. You know from your Clinician Report that her mother is concerned with Alicia's frequent obsessive thoughts and occasional substance abuse along with her mood changes. Alicia seems to acknowledge she has worries obsessively but doesn't acknowledge she has substance abuse problems.

Mother's report:
y-oq critical items

Looking at Alicia's reports you see many differences:


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