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Since the early 1990s, OQ Measure outcomes have been recognized as one of the leading outcome tracking methodologies.  OQ Measure outcomes are used for quantifying and evaluating the progress of mental and behavioral health therapy.

OQ Measures helps mental and behavioral health professionals increase overall treatment effectiveness. Our outcomes provide valid, reliable outcome measures at a reasonable price to all types of organizations. OQ Measures partners with National Organizations, Solo & Group Practice, Government, Universities, Multi-site Agencies, Non-Profits, Hospitals Military/Veterans, School-based Programs and Wilderness & Adventure.

OQ Measures outcomes are some of the most researched outcome measures in the world for adults, children, and groups, as well as clinical support tools that provide additional insight about each case and assist with treatment planning.

OQ Measures instruments enhance organizations’ and practitioners’ ability to detect and measure treatment effectiveness regardless of treatment modality, diagnosis or discipline of the treating professional, thus augmenting their ability to measure and monitor recovery.

Most mental and behavioral health questionnaires are intended to test for specific symptomatology and to assign diagnoses, our measures are uniquely designed to track change during patient treatment and provide algorithms for detecting off-track cases prior to a negative outcome.

Our founders are widely considered the pioneers of routine outcome measurement, having coined the term, “outcome measure.”

OQ Measures has produced roughly 90% of the literature on routine outcome monitoring (ROM) and feedback-informed treatment (FIT), and issued over 3,000 licenses for the OQ® Family of instruments across 6 continents in many different languages

Our customers range from single-provider offices to multi-state organizations, managing millions of cases worldwide.

The OQ® and Y-OQ® instruments are the results of a unique partnership between behavioral health care administrators, practitioners, and academic researchers in response to the changing mental health arena.

Above all else, our greatest strength is our close relationship with the researchers and developers of the OQ® Family of instruments.  Dr. Michael Lambert and Dr. Gary Burlingame work closely with OQ® Measures to ensure that our measures are always improving through their continuing research.  Their research goes back 30 years and they have published over 100 articles to date.

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