The OQ®-30.2 is a sub-set of the OQ®-45.2, featuring 30 questions most sensitive to change

The OQ®-30.2 Outcome Questionnaire is highly sensitive to what happens during any session and contains risk assessment items for suicide potential and substance abuse. An effective brief instrument, the OQ®-30.2 has substantial research behind it and is a recommended outcome measure by The Joint Commission.

A viable alternative to the OQ®-45.2 for organizations with high patient volume, full caseloads and quick back-to-back sessions, the OQ®-30.2 can be used in place of the longer flagship measure if necessary, or it can supplement it as a repeated measure to monitor progress, with the OQ®-45.2 serving to report change at admission and discharge.

The OQ®-30.2 should be administered prior to, or at the very beginning of any therapeutic visit. Designed for repeated measurement of client progress throughout therapy and following termination, the OQ®-30.2’s utility across many populations, treatment types, and modalities allows for non-invasive clinical application in most settings of care. A research-based reliable change index (RCI) is an absolutely critical feature to any legitimate outcome measure, and the OQ®-30.2 not only has an RCI, but it has solid reliability and validity, making the instrument widely considered a reputable brief outcome measure by the global psychology research community.


Risk assessment: Examination of four critical items allows clinicians to immediately screen for suicidal ideation and substance abuse.

Standardized data: The OQ®-30.2 is a standardized instrument with solid empirical support and is a recommended outcome measure by The Joint Commission.

User-friendly:The OQ®-30.2 can be completed in less than 4 minutes and is designed to be incorporated into an office visit in an unobtrusive manner and easily be administered week-to-week without reservation.

Assists with streamlining paperwork and with treatment planning: The OQ®-30.2 is designed to be an indicator of change and thereby can shorten progress notes. Treatment planning is made easier from assessing the content areas of the OQ®-30.2.

The OQ®-30.2 is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chilean Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Quebec), Dutch, Farsi, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish and Vietnamese only at this time.

Please contact us for an at-cost quote for any languages you may need, and we can have it translated for you in about 10 business days

The OQ®-30.2 is a shortened version of the OQ®-45.2, intended to be used in behavioral and medical health care and private practice settings to measure patient progress following psychological and medical interventions.

The OQ®-30.2 is designed to measure patient progress in therapy, and to be repeatedly administered during the course of treatment and at termination.  In addition, the OQ®-30.2 can be used as a base-line screening instrument with application for gross treatment-assigning decisions.

The OQ®-30.2 was designed to be sensitive to change over short periods of time, and designed to be brief, while maintaining high levels of reliability and validity.  The OQ®-30.2 is also designed to access common symptoms across a wide range of adult mental disorders and syndromes, including stress-related illness and v. codes.

The usual use of the OQ®-30.2 is administration prior to intervention, so as to produce a benchmark, or initial psychological disturbance.  The benchmark data is used in conjunction with normative data that characterize the functioning of persons who are not undergoing psychological treatment.

Patients typically take the test several times during the course and at the end of treatment.  Patient functioning can then be contrasted to baseline functioning to see if the changes that are being made reach standards for reliable change.

Patient functioning at any point in time can be compared with normal functioning, to gauge if the patient has returned to a normal range. The OQ®-30.2 has been derived from the OQ®-45.2’s psychometric properties of reliability, validity, and sensitivity to change.

The OQ®-30.2 is considered one instrument, and pricing for use of this instrument depends on the type of license you need.

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