We believe that outcome measures should go well beyond measuring change.

Use Client Feedback to Inform your Practice!  By utilizing Routine Outcome Monitoring, OQ Measures enables Mental and Behavioral health providers to improve treatment outcomes.  Track progress and identify at-risk cases!

The OQ®-Analyst will provide you with information along with problem-solving tools to assist you in improving treatment response. The baseline clinician report allows you to see client distress levels benchmarked against other normative groups (i.e. inpatient, outpatient, etc). Subsequent clinician reports track improvement or deterioration, highlight critical items, and provide an alert status of therapeutic progress.

OQ Measures has issued over 3,000 licenses for the OQ® Family of instruments across six continents.

Our customers range from single-provider offices to multi-state organizations, managing millions of cases worldwide. Since the early 1990’s the OQ family of instruments have been widely recognized as the pioneers of routine outcome monitoring. OQ Measures is the gold standard outcome tracking methodology for quantifying and evaluating the progress of mental and behavioral health therapy progress.

OQ Measures’ instruments are founded on 35 years of research and writing guided by Dr. Michael Lambert—a world-renowned expert in assessing outcomes associated with mental health treatments. Dr. Lambert is the president of the premier international society devoted to the study of mental health treatments (Society for Psychotherapy Research), has published nearly 200 peer-reviewed articles on outcome measures.

Adult Measures

Use our Adult Measures to detect areas like suicide, substance abuse, social problems, anxiety, depression, and distress.

Youth/Adolescent Measures

Use our Youth/Adolescent Measures to track change and progress in your younger patients and to get both youth and parent perspectives.

Group Measures

Use our Group Measures to determine which patients are ready for group work as well as assess group engagement and relationships.

Clinical Support Tools for Adults and Youth

Our Clinical Support Tools (OQ® ASC and TSM) allow you to make treatment decisions based on your client’s progress.

Therapeutic Alliance Measures for Adults and Youth

Our Therapeutic Alliance Measures for adults and youths are intended to assess your client’s perception of the relationship between you and your client.