Youth/Adolescent Measures

Our Youth/Adolescent Measures

Through the use of cut-off scores and a reliable change index, the Y-OQ® 2.01 allows the clinician to see the child’s behavioral similarity at each treatment interval.

Standardized data with sensitivity to change. Based on normative data, the Y-OQ® SR 2.0 has been found to be both reliable and valid, yielding high internal consistency.

The Y-OQ® 30.2 is brief to complete (less than 5 minutes) as well as to score, and is designed to be incorporated into an office visit in an unobtrusive manner.

The Y-OQ® TSM results obtained at the beginning of treatment can be used to identify client strengths and weaknesses which can be used in treatment planning.

The Y-OQ® TA  is a stand-alone instrument that allows the therapist to assess the health of the therapeutic relationship with the new client.