Do you want to know how your group is doing?

The OQ®-GQ identifies how members perceive the relationship they have with the group-as-a-whole, other members and the leader on three salient qualities of the therapeutic relationship:

  • Is there a positive affective bond present?
  • Is the client accomplishing the work for which they came to the group?
  • Is there empathic failure with the leader, conflict in the group, or potentially negative member exchanges that are not being handled well?

The OQ®-GQ highlights patterns of change in these three key quality dimensions of the therapeutic relationship in the group; e.g. are things getting better or worse?

The OQ®-GQ measures three domains:

  • Positive Bonding – is defined as the sense of belonging or attraction that a member has to the group, its members and its leader(s) that creates a positive atmosphere which allows members to feel genuinely understood and appreciated.
  • Positive Working – is defined as the ability of the group to agree upon and work toward treatment goals in an effective manner.
  • Negative Relationship – is defined as lack of trust, genuineness, and understanding as well as friction and distance that might exist between the group, its members or its leaders.

The OQ®-GQ is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian and Polish only at this time. Please contact us for an at-cost quote for any languages you may need, and we can have it translated for you in about 10 business days.

All OQ group measures – the OQ®-GQ, OQ®-GRQ and GCQ – are bundled together for the price of one instrument, and pricing for use of these bundled group measures depends on the type of license you need.

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