Measure how members regard their group experience.

The Group Climate Questionnaire (GCQ-S) developed by Dr. K. R. MacKenzie, measures how members regard their group experience. It looks at the positive working group atmosphere, identifies anger or tension of the group and indicates avoidance of personal responsibilities of group work.

The GCQ-S is the short version of the Group Climate Questionnaire. It is a 12 item questionnaire designed as a self-report to assess individual group members’ perceptions of the group’s therapeutic environment.

The GCQ-S consists of three factor-analytically derived subscales:

  • Engagement describes the positive working group atmosphere
  • Conflict reflects tension and anger in the group
  • Avoidance describes the behavior indicating avoidance of personal responsibility of group work by the members

The GCQ is available in English, Spanish and Farsi only at this time.

Please contact us for an at-cost quote for any languages you may need, and we can have it translated for you in about 10 business days.

All 3 OQ group measures – the OQ®-GQ, OQ®-GRQ and GCQ – are bundled together for the price of one instrument, and pricing for use of these bundled group measures depends on the type of license you need.

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