Adult Measures

Our Adult Measures

OQ®-45.2 is the flagship adult routine outcome instrument. It is designed for repeated measurement of client progress throughout therapy and following termination. The OQ®-45.2 can detect suicide, substance abuse, and workplace/school violence.

OQ®-30.2 is a subset of the OQ®-45.2 most sensitive to change questions. As a result, providers and researchers measure pre and post outcomes using OQ®-30.2 .

OQ®-10.2 screens for patient distress and well-being. OQ®-10.2  highlights areas that may require additional exploration and/or intervention.

OQ®-ASC (Assessment for Signal Clients) is a 40-item self-report designed to be used in conjunction with OQ adult outcome questionnaires. OQ®-ASC assesses the type and severity of problems that are impeding treatment progress. The OQ®-ASC will alert for problems with therapeutic alliance, motivation, social support, and stressful life events.

S-OQ® 2.0 is specifically intended to be used with the serious and persistent mentally ill population. S-OQ® 2.0   is used to measure distress and functioning levels at any given time.  S-OQ® 2.0 also tracks changes in such levels across time.

BPRS is suited to making frequent assessments of psychopathology covering short periods of time.

In conclusion, any intervention, even an intake interview, will likely cause client improvement. Delaying administration of them will result in an underestimation of treatment effects.