The OQ®-TA is 11 questions that allow the therapist to assess the health of the therapeutic relationship.

OQ®-TA is a stand-alone instrument used at any point during therapy, optimally, following treatment sessions when patients prefer to offer feedback. Patients may not be as forthcoming with feedback when they are face-to-face with their mental health provider. Research shows patients are more likely to answer the therapeutic alliance questions after a session when they are not in the presence of their clinician or therapist.

When using the OQ®-TA with an OQ®-Analyst license, clinician reports will identify early warning therapeutic alliance ruptures with a yellow or red alert status that allows clinicians to identify areas where the therapeutic relationship is failing, and implement steps to repair the ruptures and improve outcomes.

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Administration Flexibility: Frequency of administration is flexible with the OQ®-TA to suit the mental health provider’s needs, in addition to whether a clinician chooses to administer following a session or prior to a session. We recommend following a session.

Early Warning Alerts: Early warnings for therapeutic alliance ruptures vastly improves the clinician’s chances to prevent a treatment failure from occurring. According to research, 2/3rds of the time, a red alert status will prompt mental health providers to alter the treatment plan to prevent treatment failures, thus improving outcomes.

Specificity: OQ®-TA questions are quite specific, with the answers offering clinicians a virtual roadmap to improving the therapeutic alliance.

The OQ®-TA is available in English, Spanish and French (Canadian) only at this time.

Please contact us for an at-cost quote for any languages you may need, and we can have it translated for you in about 10 business days.

The OQ®-TA is free with the purchase of a license for any OQ outcome questionnaire, and pricing depends on the type of license you need.

Please contact sales@oqmeasures.com to request a personalized quote for your customized needs, or you may Contact Us to Buy A License