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OQ Measures is committed to making our licenses affordable to clinicians and organizations regardless of size.  To learn more about our various licensing options and receive a personalized quote, please call our offices at 801-649-4392 (toll free 888-647-2673) or email us at

OQ®-Analyst Hosted Software Service

The OQ®-Analyst is available as a fully hosted service that is accessible to you via Internet any time. The hosted system gives you the benefit of not having to think about any technical issues.

The hosting service also offers you a way to have your clients’ login from any computer to complete their questionnaire with no security problems. The software will score the Outcome Questionnaire within 3-5 seconds saving clinician and administrative time. You also have access to client feedback reports which you can use in therapy sessions to engage your clients in their own therapy.

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Like to score it yourself? Use the Paper and Pencil license

The Paper and Pencil license is a lifetime license for our copyrighted Measures: OQ®-45.2, OQ-45® TA, OQ®-30.2, OQ®-30.2 TA, OQ®-10.2, Y-OQ® 2.01, Y-OQ® 2.01 TA, Y-OQ® SR-2.0, Y-OQ® SR 2.0 TA, Y-OQ® 30.2, Y-OQ® 30.2 TA, Y-OQ® 30.2 SR TA, TSM, SOQ® 2.0 and OQ®-GRQ.

The license fees vary based upon the size of your organization and excludes use in any electronic form (inclusion in software, internet, electronic scoring, etc.).

All Measures are available in other languages with the Paper and Pencil license for a fee of $25 per language.

All scoring and interpretation is done manually with the Paper and Pencil license.

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Select the samples you would like to download.

OQ®-45.2OQ® TA (Therapeutic Alliance)OQ®-30.2OQ®-ASCS-OQ® 2.0OQ®-10.2BPRS

Y-OQ® 2.01Y-OQ® SR 2.0Y-OQ® 30.2 SRY-OQ® TSM ParentY-OQ® TSM YouthY-OQ® PR TA (Therapeutic Alliance)Y-OQ® SR TA (Therapeutic Alliance)



OQ®-Analyst SoftwareOQ®-PaperOQ®-Access

All scoring and interpretations are done manually with the Paper and Pencil license.

Having second thoughts about the time it takes to manually score and interpret the Outcome Questionnaire? Your answer is the OQ®-Analyst.