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group2The therapeutic relationship that occurs within the group has been identified as one of the most important general mechanisms of change in group treatment. Group relationships that are both supportive and challenging have been shown to be a consistent contributing factor to patient improvement and low dropout rates. It is presumed that these types of relationships provide the type of safe environment needed to conduct the challenging work that takes place in psychotherapy groups.

You can enhance your knowledge of your individual group members by administering the OQ®-45.2 before each session. The OQ®-45.2 measures three subscales: symptom distress, interpersonal relationships and social role.

OQ®-GRQ - the Group Readiness Questionnaire is a 19 item questionnaire intended to guide therapists in referring and preparing clients for group therapy.

OQ®-GQ - the Group Questionnaire is a brief 30 item questionnaire that takes only 5-10 minutes to complete and provides the leader valuable clinical information such as the quality of the group relationship.

GCQ-S - the Group Climate Questionnaire is a 12 item questionnaire which measures engagement, avoidance and conflict.

The Group Measures are available in English in The OQ®-Analyst.

The OQ Measures are available in multiple languages.

The OQ®-GQ is available in English.

The OQ®-GRQ is available in English

The GCQ-S is available in English.