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OQ Measures distributes our copyrighted instruments in two distinct products:

1 The OQ®-Analyst: This software is designed to leverage the full power of the OQ® Family of instruments in everyday clinical practice. The OQ®-Analyst incorporates the latest research findings with state of the art technology. It contains empirically and rationally derived algorithms that detect not-on-track cases as well as plot improvement. The OQ®-Analyst software is easy to use. Click here for more information about the OQ®-Analyst software.

2Paper and Pencil License: OQ Measures provides licenses to use our copyrighted instruments in paper form using a one-time licensing fee. The license fee varies based on the size of the organization and excludes use in any electronic form (inclusion in software, internet, electronic scoring, etc.). Click here for more information about the Paper and Pencil license.

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OQ®-Analyst is listed by SAMHSA in their National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Michael J. Lambert, PhD

Professor, Department of Psychology, Susa Young Gates University Professor, Brigham Young University; Developer of OQ® and other Outcome Measures

"Yes, it is time for clinicians to routinely monitor treatment outcome using standardized scales."