The Measure of Mental Health Vital Signs


The OQ®-30.2 is a briefer version of the OQ®-45.2

This tool is recommended for practices which want to establish a baseline and track change but who want to decrease the front office administration and scoring time. It is a self-report outcome and progress tracking measure designed to be repeatedly administered to assess ongoing client change. 

The OQ®-30-.2 is a sub-set of the OQ®-45.2 most sensitive to change questions.

It was developed to assist clinicians with their clinical work through measuring and monitoring patient treatment response.
The OQ®-30.2 has sound psychometric properties, the most important of which is its sensitivity to the effects on interventions on patients undergoing treatment.

Risk assessment: The OQ®-30.2 contains risk assessment items for suicide potential, substance abuse, and potential violence at work.

Standardized data: The OQ®-30.2 is a standardized instrument with empirical support.

User-friendly: The OQ®-30.2 can be completed in less than 5 minutes and is designed to be incorporated into an office visit in an unobtrusive manner.

Assists with streamlining paperwork and with treatment planning: The OQ®-30.2 is designed to be an indicator of change and thereby can shorten progress notes. Treatment planning is made easier from assessing the content areas of the OQ®-30.2.

Languages: The OQ®-30.2 is available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Swedish.

Beyond sound, basic psychometrics, cut scores have been created to help clinicians interpret changes in patient functioning that indicate reliable change and return to normal levels of functioning. In addition, cut scores have been calculated to help clinicians understand the clinical significance of changes made by individual clients.
Common patterns of change, based on deviations from expected treatment response in relation to initial levels of disturbance have been explored and resulted in useful methods of alerting clinicians to deviations from expected treatment response.

If possible, the OQ®-30.2 should be administered prior to, or at the very beginning of any therapeutic visit. The OQ®-30.2 Outcome Questionnaire may be sensitive to what happens during any therapeutic visit. Answers about the past week, taken immediately after a clinical intervention may be influenced by this intervention.

  • You can easily administer it to your clients 
  • Your treatment planning is easier for you
  • You have a monitoring tool that is user friendly
  • You can admister the OQ®-30.2 within a few minutes

The OQ®-30.2 is available in the The The OQ®-Analyst or with a Paper and Pencil License.

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